Sarah Tooby Photography | About

This is me! with my little girl Harriet.  I live in Lower Sunbury with my Husband and we have Harriet who is eighteen months and Jack who is three and a half.

Apart from all my own wedding photos there's not very many shots of me to share with you as I'm always behind the camera :)

I love taking photographs, they are irreplaceable. I use my camera nearly every day and my work is very varied from Nursery children, Weddings to professional portraits and product photography for websites etc.   

I would say my main work is families with young children which I absolutely love photographing.  The parents are usually slightly horrified that the kids just do their own thing but for me that's really important.  Natural shots are always the best, and if I can catch them looking at the camera too then that's a big bonus.  I never want a photoshoot to feel stressful or like a chore for the kids.  One of my clients is always amazed that there's so many lovely images of her super energetic boys after one of our crazy fun shoots. 


If you are interested in finding out more about having some pictures taken then please do not hesitate to contact me on my contacts page.